Tom Heyfron

Live performer

classic rock-country-blues

“Come Sing For Us”

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Karaoke is about having fun. Its about great music and giving the singers a chance to be a rockstar for their 5 minutes of fame. With video and audio recordings, singers can immortalize their performances and preserve the memory of an awesome experience at their favourite karaoke venue.

In addition to his live performance, Tom hosts karaoke at several venues in Toronto and Durham region. He is an extremely experienced host with over 50 years experience as a performer, recording Artist and engineer and 20 years experience as Karaoke host.His years of experience in the music industry mean that the sound quality is exceptional. No song slips required, no numbers to look up. The rotation is driven by the singers’ names – with clear rules documented and no favourites. Draws and give-a-ways every show. Tom’s karaoke library includes over 45,000 songs (always growing), so there is sure to be something for everyone. 

Take a moment to have a look at the Song Book and the Karaoke Videos from our fantastic karaoke supporters. 

Karaoke Tips

Karaoke Highlights

Make it a memorable night. These perks take place at every Karaoke show that Tom hosts. 

  • Jump In Line Cards
    A Jump In Line card is a card for use at any of Tom’s shows to get an extra song in “right away”. There is a draw near the end of the night at every show to give away these cards to lucky singers.
  • Audio Recordings
    Bring a USB memory stick to any Tom Heyfron karaoke show and have your stellar vocal performances recorded for free
  • Monthly Video Recordings
    Get your great performances recorded on video. Videos are uploaded both to youtube and to facebook. View Karaoke Videos

Weekly Karaoke Venues (as of March 2014)


Legion Branch 22 - 1240 Woodbine Ave, East York, ON

5 to 9 pm – Woodbine/Mortimer


Sgt Peppers - 235 Salem S, Ajax, ON

10 – 2 am – Salem/401


O’Hara’s Irish Times - 1400 Bayly St #3, Pickering, ON

9 – 1 am – Bayly/Liverpool


The Fox & Crown - 646 Danforth Road, Toronto, ON

10 – 2 am – Kennedy/St. Clair

Benefits of Karaoke

What are the benefits to having karaoke at your next venue? We’ve put together a short list. 

1. Karaoke provides an interactive entertainment for your patrons and guests. It allows them to be to ‘get involved’ with the entertainment and to be able to control the type of music. With a large database of songs catering to many different demographics and styles of music, there is something for everyone. 

2. Karaoke can bring new patrons into your establishment. This increases your client base and exposes your venue to a wider circle of individuals. As karaoke is a weekly event, you can look forward to repeated business from happy customers. 

3. Karaoke is also beneficial to your current regular customers. Having a weekly event that fun and entertaining will make them associate these good feelings with your establishment which they will be happy to share with their friends.