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Live performer

classic rock-country-blues


The rotation is simply a list of those who wish to sing in the order they will appear. The main goal of my rotation is to allow as many singers as possible to sing as quickly as possible. That’s it. I don’t play music between singers I prefer to go right to the next. I like to think that I am unbiased host and you can be sure that I will put you in to sing as soon as is possible while being fair to the rest of the singers. How you get into the rotation depends on several factors; at the beginning of the evening it depends on when I see you NOT how long you have been at the venue. When I first arrive to set up I am already noting who I see and will be entering the names in that order. If you are not sure that I have recognized you PLEASE be sure to let me know right away that you wish to sing for us and I will put you in asap. Once we have started I will be adding new singers to the end of the rotation as they arrive or as they let me know. The first rotation will end at the half-way point of the evening OR when there are no more new singers; whichever comes first. As the evening progresses into the second rotation new singers are added in the following manner; after the first five singers of the original rotation new singers will be added into the rotation at a rate of one every other singer, one new and one old and so on. If your name is called and I get no response, the next singer in line will be called. This doesn’t mean you have lost your spot as you will be called immediately after. If your name is called three times without response then you will be dropped from the rotation. You would then be treated as a new singer if and when you return. The only way you can change your place in the rotation is via the “Jump In Line” card. (See below) I’m sorry but you having to leave early or “It’s my birthday” won’t work. I will however, let you know who the next person in line is and you can try to exchange places with them. Remember to ask yourself if YOU would be so obliging.

No Slips 

As you may note, there are no numbers in the song book. As a matter of fact all I really need from you is your name, there is no need to fill in song slips at all. Simply tell me what you would like to sing when I call you up. (Unless of course, like me, your memory is fading and you really do need to write things down. By all means song slips are available in that case – just the artist and title is enough information.) 

“Jump In Line” pass 

At the end of the first rotation (approximately) we have a draw and award two of the “Jump In Line” cards to the winners. This card can be handed in at anytime and you will be placed “next” in the current rotation. This does not eliminate your regular spot so is an additional song in the rotation. You may also use the card on your regular turn to perform a double-header; two songs in a row. The card may be kept and used during any karaoke event I am hosting. They do not time out until used. Limitations: You will not be allowed to use more than two cards in any one night, neither will you be allowed to use one in the last half hour of the evening. This again is to enable as many singers as possible to sing during the night. By the same token, I would ask that you choose shorter songs during the last hour – try and limit them to 5 minutes or less as a courtesy to those who will follow you. 

Sound Recording 

It is possible to provide you with a high quality audio recording of your performances during the evening. All that is required is for you to bring me a USB memory storage device (stick) and I will record directly onto it from the mixing console. This you will be able to play back on your own computer. I would be glad to assist (after the show) if you are unfamiliar with this type of operation. There is of course no charge for this service – enjoy, it’s a great learning tool.

Video Recording 

Once in a while, and I try to do this at least once a month per location, there will be a high quality video camera set up in order to capture your stellar performances. As the default is “on” for the camera please be sure to let me know if you don’t wish to be recorded. The resulting videos are posted on Face Book and Youtube and are public. Usually it takes about 5 days for the videos to be uploaded and I can, of course, delete them at your request. Again there is no charge for this service, it too is a great learning tool and you can direct friends and family to view them.

Where to find them:

Facebook: If you are already a “friend” of mine on Facebook you can find them in my karaoke group “Karaoke Heaven.” Here they are posted in the order they were uploaded so it might take a while to find them. If you don’t wish to “friend” me, (why not lol) the following link should take you directly there:

Youtube: You will also find your videos here, and they can be search by name – I only identify them by first name so if you search for Tom you will find all the Toms. My channel on Youtube is also called “Karaoke Heaven” and the link is as follows:

Please allow me to thank you all for your patronage, patience and sheer good humour. They say “No singers, No show” and I am privileged to know a great many great singers and people!


Tom Heyfron April 30, 2013